1. CRISPR RNA (crRNA) sequences to analyse
A. Upload a file containing the entire CRISPR array (supported formats are CRT, PILER-CR and CRISPRFinder ):
A. Paste entire content of a CRISPR array file (sample CRISPR array files CRT, PILER-CR and CRISPRFinder) :
A. Upload just the spacers in FASTA (multiFASTA) format:
B. Remove redundant spacer sequences from your uploaded/pasted CRISPR(s):
C. Optional: Upload the FASTA sequence file which was used for generating the CRISPR: 
2. Select target database(s)
Select database(s) from the list containing the target/protospacer sequences:
Upload a file containing putative target sequence(s) in FASTA/MultiFASTA format:
3. Parameters for the initial BLAST screen
Gap open: - extend: -
Nucleotide match:   mismatch: 
Word size:     
DB size:  
4. Initial output display parameters (can be changed after the output is generated)