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  • News and updates for CRISPRSuite programs and tools: CRISPRTarget, CRISPRDetect, CRISPRBank, CRISPR...
  • CRISPRTarget is part of CRISPRSuite (more information)
  • 20/9/2017 RefSeq release 84 updated plasmid, viral (RefSeq), bacteria, archaea, phage, env
  • 25/7/2017 RefSeq release 83 updated plasmid, viral (RefSeq), bacteria, archaea.
  • 24/6/2017 Genbank release updated phage, env
  • 26/5/2017 RefSeq release 82 updated plasmid, viral (RefSeq), bacteria, archaea.
  • 26/3/2017 RefSeq release 81 updated plasmid, viral (RefSeq), bacteria, archaea. Note there were some changes to the RefSeq format (dropping GIs) so the changes required by this update took longer to fully complete (13/3-26/3).
  • 24/2/2017 Genbank release updated phage, env
  • 16/1/2017 RefSeq release 80 updated plasmid, viral (RefSeq), bacteria, archaea, env
  • 10/1/2017 Genbank release updated phage
  • 29/11/2016 Update env, removed access to NT as there is little reason to search this (mainly eukaryotic genomes). If this is a problem please request access (chris.brown
  • 8/11/2016 RefSeq release 79 updated plasmid, viral, bacteria, archaea.
  • 13/9/2016 Genbank release updated phage
  • 13/9/2016 RefSeq release 78 updated plasmid, archaea, bacteria, viral, env, nt. Restart server
  • 28/8/2016 Genbank release updated phage, viral
  • 12/8/2016 CRISPRDetect v 2.2 released. Faster on fasta files!
  • 13/7/2016 RefSeq release 77 updated plasmid, archaea, bacteria, viral, env, nt. Restart server 9am NZST 13/7/2016.
  • 28/6/2016 Genbank release updated phage, viral, nt, env
  • 10/6/2016 Rebuilt and updated the largest databases: nt, env, bacteria.
  • 29/5/2016 RefSeq 76. Plasmid, Viral, Plasmid, nt, env, phage, Bacteria, Archaea, updated
  • 25/5/2016 CRISPRDetect published in BMC Genomics
  • 20/3/2016 RefSeq 75. Plasmid, Viral, Bacteria, Archaea, updated
  • 27/2/2016 CRISPRDetect v 2.1 released.
  • 25/2/2016 Genbank release : phage, viral, nt and env updated
  • 22/1/2016 RefSeq 74. Plasmid, Viral, Bacteria, Archaea, NT, ENV updated
  • 22/12/2015 Genbank release: Phage, Viral updated.
  • Final version of CRISPRDetect completed. v2.0 and on the web and command line. All earlier '1' versions were testing versions and should be updated to the release version as there may be minor bugs.
  • 15/11/2015 RefSeq 73. Archaea, Bacteria, Viral, Plasmid updated
  • 5/9/2015 RefSeq 72. Archaea, Bacteria, Viral, Plasmid, and nr and env updated.
  • 5/9/2015 Genbank Phage updated
  • 17/7/2015 RefSeq Archaea, Viral and Plasmid updated
  • 17/7/2015 Genbank : phage updated, exact duplicates 5 Mb of 208 Mb no longer removed

    • Guide to using CRISPRTarget published:
      Computational Detection of CRISPR/crRNA Targets.
      Ambarish Biswas, Peter C Fineran, Chris M Brown
      The CRISPR-Cas systems in bacteria and archaea provide protection by targeting foreign nucleic acids. The sequence of the "spacers" within CRISPR arrays specifically determines the targets in invader genomes. These spacers provide the short specific RNA nucleotide sequences within the guide crRNAs. In addition to complementarity in the spacer-target (protospacer) interaction, short flanking protospacer adjacent motifs (PAMs), or mismatching flanks have a discriminatory role in accurate target detection. Here, we describe a bioinformatic method, called CRISPRTarget, to use the sequence of a CRISPR array (e.g., predicted via CRISPRDetect/CRISPRDirection) to identify the foreign nucleic acids it targets.
      Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) 01/2015; 1311:77-89. DOI:10.1007/978-1-4939-2687-9_5
  • 8/5/2015 Genbank : phage updated
  • 9/5/2015 Blast: nt and env updated
  • ACLAME and the CAMERA sets used here have not changed so will not be updated unless they do.
  • All databases are being updated to the latest version completed 13/5/2015. As RefSeq have split the previous Microbial database into two Archaea and Bacteria we have also done this. Databases will be updated after each release of Genbank (even months) or RefSeq (the nt and env databases come from the BLAST databases

  • Added database size parameter for blast on 22/02/2013.

  • If you use CRISPRTarget please cite:
    Biswas, A., Gagnon, J.N., Brouns, S.J., Fineran, P.C., and Brown, C.M. (2013) CRISPRTarget: Bioinformatic prediction and analysis of crRNA targets. RNA Biol 10 (5): 817–827. Free fulltext